50 Visa free countries for Indians: how many have you visited?

Indian passport holders can currently visit 50 countries without having to worry about obtaining a visa in advance. These countries either provide a (mostly) visitor’s visa with or without a charge on arrival or do not require a visa at all. The main reason for allowing an Indian without a pre-arranged visa can be due to a bilateral agreement or the traditional or cultural ties between the two countries. But many of these visa-free countries allow Indians to obtain a visa on arrival, not because of any ties or agreement between the two countries but because they generally have this facility to many other nationals as well.¬†

How powerful or influential is a nation’s passport depends on the factors such as the overall economy and its status in the world’s political arena. This is why countries such as the USA or most Western European countries’ nationals can enter a large part of the world without having to worry about a visitor’s visa.

India currently has 50 (as of August 2017) countries where its citizens can travel visa-free or can obtain a visa on arrival. In some cases, an Indian passport is more powerful than its neighbours such as Pakistan (25 countries) or Bangladesh but only beaten by China which has 58 countries.

It is also worth mentioning that only Nepal and Bhutan have literally no visa restrictions on Indians and allow them to enter their countries without a visa or even a passport.

List of visa-free countries for Indians:

Bhutan (No visa needed)
Bolivia (visa on arrival)
Cambodia (visa on arrival)
Cape Verde (Visa on arrival)
Comoros (visa on arrival)
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) (visa on arrival)
Dominica (Visa free)
Ecuador (visa-free)
El Salvador (visa free)
Ethiopia (visa on arrival)
Fiji (visa-free)
Grenada (visa-free)
Guinea-Bissau (visa on arrival)
Haiti (visa-free)
Hong Kong (visa-free but requires pre-arrival registration filled out online)
Indonesia (visa-free)
Jamaica (visa-free)
Jordan (visa on arrival)
Kenya (Visa on arrival)
Laos (visa on arrival)
Macao (visa-free)
Madagascar (Visa on arrival)
Maldives (Visa on arrival)
Mauritius (visa on arrival)
Micronesia (visa-free)
Marshall Islands (visa on arrival)
Mauritania (Visa on arrival)
Mozambique (visa-free)
Nepal (No need for a visa)
Palestinian Territories (visa-free)
Palau (Visa on arrival)
Qatar (visa on arrival)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (visa-free)
Samoa (Visa on arrival)
Saint Lucia (visa on arrival)
Senegal (Visa free)
Seychelles (Visa on arrival)
Sri Lanka (Electronic Travel Authorization)
St. Vincent & Grenadines (Visa free)
Suriname (visa on arrival)
Tajikistan  (visa on arrival)
Tanzania (Visa on arrival)
Thailand (visa on arrival)
Timor Leste (visa on arrival)
Togo (Visa free)
Tuvalu (Visa on arrival)
Uganda (Visa on arrival)
Ukraine (visa on arrival)
Vanuatu (visa-free)
Trinidad & Tobago (visa-free)
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