UK citizens still denied of Indian e-visa.

Though most countries have now been allowed to apply online for the Indian e-visa, the UK still has not yet been allowed to apply for it. A UK national, if he wants to travel to India as a tourist, still has to apply by post or in person at the nearest Indian embassy.

Why India has not been allowed to apply for an Indian e-visa?

Well, it all started last year when India counter-strategically banned the UK tourists from applying for its eVisa when the UK put extra covid quarantine restrictions on Indians who were flying from India to the UK. As a punitive action, India took the UK off its e-visa list and it has been added back since. There are millions of UK citizens of Indian origin who live in the UK and travel to India frequently and are stuck at the moment because of not being allowed to apply for the Indian e-visa online.

Indian eVisa frequently asked questions:

Is the UK eligible for an Indian e-visa?

No. And no one knows when it will be available.

Is e-visa for India Open?

Yes. India has restored the e-visa facility for most countries except a few. Currently, nationals of 156 countries can apply for it from the comfort of their phone or laptops.

What is the difference between an Indian e-visa and a regular visa?

Indian e-visa can be applied for online and you don’t need to send your travel documents to the Indian embassy, whereas to apply for a regular visa, you need to fill out the forms, take passport photos and send them with the fee. Basically, applying for a regular Indian tourist visa is a lot more complicated than an e-visa. The e-visa is also a lot cheaper than the regular Indian tourist visa.

How long is an Indian e-visa valid for?

Indian e-visa is valid from one month to 6 months depending upon your country of residence.

How much is an Indian e-visa for UK citizens?

None, as you cannot apply for an India e-visa if you hold a UK passport.

Is e-visa for India free?

I wish! The Indian e-visa costs around $30 for a month and onwards.

Who can apply for an Indian e-visa?

Currently, 156 countries’ nationals can apply for it.

Is an e-visa available for India from the USA?


How much is a 5-year Indian e-visa?

Around  $450.

How long does Indian e-visa processing take?

If you are applying on the Indian government’s e-visa site, you get your decision within 72 hours or less.

How do I get a 10-year Indian e-visa?

While a 10-year Indian visa cannot be applied for online, you can still apply for it in paper form. However, it is only available to the nationals of the USA, Canada, and Japan with a stipulation that “continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 180 days.

Can the Indian e-visa be extended?

Not currently.

How many times I can apply for an e-visa to India?

Twice in a calendar year.

Can I visit Indian Restricted Areas on an Indian e-visa?

No. If you want to travel to the areas of Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, or Nagaland then on top of your tourist visa you will also need to have a permit for which you have to apply separately.

How far in advance can I apply for the Indian e-visa?

You can apply 120 days in advance prior to the expected date of arrival in India.

Can I enter India via land crossing on e-visa?

An Indian tourist e-visa only allows the holder to enter India via designated air and seaport.  These include;

(1) Delhi (2) Mumbai (3) Chennai (4) Kolkata (5) Trivandrum (6) Bangalore (7) Hyderabad (8) Cochin (9) Goa (10) Ahmedabad (11) Amritsar (12) Gaya (13) Jaipur (14) Lucknow (15) Trichy (16) Varanasi (17) Calicut (18) Mangalore (19) Pune (20) Nagpur (21) Coimbatore (22) Bagdogra (23) Guwahati , (24) Chandigarh and (25) Visakhapatnam.

And 5 major Indian seaports i.e. (1) Mumbai (2) Cochin (3) Mormugao (4) Chennai and (5) New Mangalore for cruise tourists.

When will be the Indian e-visa for UK citizens available?

No one knows at the moment and there has not been any official news or press release from the Indian government about it.

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