Spanish tourist visa for non-eu spouse and dependants

Applying for a Spanish tourist visa is actually applying for a Schengen visa. There are currently 26 European countries that are members of the Schengen visa scheme meaning that if you acquire a Schengen visa, you will be free to travel within the 26 countries during the visa period.

Do non-EU spouses and dependents of a British citizen need a Spanish visa?

If you are going to Spain for travel purposes and you are either a dependant or a non-EU spouse of a British citizen then you will NEED a visa for Spain. The only consolation is that your visa will be issued free of charge and you would need to provide less paperwork than the others.

Points to note before you apply:

1. A spouse or dependant whose partner or guardian is a British citizen will need to apply for a Spanish visa. You will need to book an appointment and attend an interview with the required documents.

2. All applicants including minors will need to apply separately.

3. You can only apply for a visa if you will be travelling within the next three months from the date of your application.  

How much does the visa cost?

There is no visa fee for a Spanish tourist visa for a dependant or a spouse of a UK citizen. However, there can be other charges such as the fee for sending your passports and original documents back to you.

Additional charges: These might include services such as text messaging that tells you the status of your visa application. The cost is £1.95 per application.

You will need to pay a charge of up to £24.95 for sending back your passport once the visa is issued.

A surcharge of 3% if you choose to pay by credit card.

Documents list for your Spanish visa

1. Spanish visa application form (one per head) Fill it out in capital letters.

2. Your original passport

3. Your indefinite leave to remain or UK residence card

4. A no objection letter from the school in case of a school going minor travelling with you

5. Your original marriage certificate

6. Airline or travel tickets: if travelling by other modes, details and evidence of that

7. Photo: a recent passport photo (4.5cm (height) x 3.5cm (width)

8. Birth certificate if a minor

9. A no objection letter from both parents if a minor

10. Original passport of your UK partner or guardian

You will need to gather and take the originals with you on the day of your appointment. Make sure you provide a photocopy for each original document that you will be submitting. Do not staple them. Depending upon your case, the embassy may ask you for additional documents.

How to book an appointment for your Spanish visa?

spanish visa appointment-

Go to the BLS International site which handles Spanish visa applications by clicking this link. Enter your email and mobile phone number. Follow the instructions on the page and once you have received the verification code – enter it on the page, follow the screen and book your appointment. Once an appointment has been booked – go personally with all the documents above to submit your application. Visa is then sent by courier or post a few days later.

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If you need further help: +442031297466 or +442031291651

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