Applying for Indian tourist visa online? Points to note

Go to and click on Online Visa Application (on the left)

Click either online application link. Or type in your browser
Once you are on the main visa application page, note down the temporary application ID which you can find above “applicants detail” is normally a long alphanumeric number and looks something like this 52012129Q6QSGGS This number is important as the Indian Visa application allows you to save your application form if you cannot complete in one go and come back to it when you can. By entering the Visa application ID you can retrieve your partially filled application and complete it.

UK applicants must select  “UK-LONDON” as “INDIAN MISSION” when filling out the online visa as failure to do so, according to the Indian visa processing service, will render it invalid. Choose the relevant Indian mission office. For example UK – London if you are applying from the UK and fill out your personal and other details as requested.

When asked what type of visa you want and how many entries you would like to have, enter Multiple

Once the form is completed, review it or simply edit it if you need to before finally sending it to the visa processing centre.

Points to note on the online visa forms page 1
Although the form only asks you specific details, fill out the other information if you know them even if they are not asked. While not required the embassy may ask for further information if it feels like it and doing so would only delay your application.
If at any point you don’t know something or it is not available to you, just put NA.

ON page 2 provide your mobile number as the visa processing service has a text message service that will keep you updated with the status of your visa application. There is a charge for it though.

You can also provide your email address to which the visa processing service will write if it needs to contact you or if you need to send it some more information in the event that it wants it.

On the third page of the visa application form, you have the choice to choose which visa type you want and how long you want it for. Points to note here is that the Indian visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and not from the date of your arrival in India so putting a request for 6 months might be a good choice as it will give you plenty of time to organise your trip. Moreover, the visa is generally given for 6 months anyway so why shorten the period as it would cost you the same amount nonetheless.
At the end of the form you have to provide 2 references, one has to be in India and one in your native country. For Indian reference, you can put down your friend or family, or if that is not the case then the name of the hotel which you have booked or going to book generally suffice.

On the last page, you can also upload a digital photo of yours and has a charge. This is optional and to some extent does not make sense as you would still need to send a hard copy of your 2” by 2” photograph anyway! As it says online (… Uploading of photographs online is optional and photographs of the specified size will need to be submitted with the application).

If you are required to send supporting documents or letters with your application, address them to the High Commission of India, London.

Once done, submit the online form which will give you the opportunity to print the form and pay the money.

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